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At this time, my availability is limited, but I'll do my best to accommodate your treatment needs.



Covid-19 Alert

Health & Safety Precautions

Leah Bell Care Counseling, LLC

For your protection, I am providing Telehealth Sessions, a real-time audio/video HIPAA compliant modality covered by most insurance plans. In-person sessions are being scheduled only on a pre-planned basis for clients who are fully vaccinated, following all CDC protocols. You will need to sign an  updated consent form specific to the unique risk-factors of COVID-19. 

Leah Bell, LCSW


 Focus of Treatment

& Resources


Understand how Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) affects us as adults in our relationships.


Co-parenting and other parenting tips.


Creating connection:  How to have a better intimate relationship.  Click onto the heart icon for more info.

Individual Therapy
Older Adulthood

The core of change begins with ourselves.  Individual therapy is designed to use the therapeutic relationship to increase awareness which leads to healing past wounds and improving relationships and behaviors in the present.

After two decades of working with clients whose presenting problems are anxiety and depression, we better understand the underlying cause of these symptoms.  Click below if you think you may have experienced emotional neglect as a child.

Relationship Counseling

Relationships can be challenging.  It is a commitment on many levels.  Our romantic relationships can bring out the best of us or they may trigger the most unlikeable parts of ourselves.  Using attachment theory and recent Gottman Level 1 Training, I will help you better understand how to most effectively communicate with your partner and make the relationship most satisfying.  Click onto the heart for an assessment tool to take with your partner.  If you are committed to improving the functioning of your personal relationships, I can help.

Challenges of Young Adulthood

Emerging from adolescence into young adulthood can be an exciting time, but also one of decisions, erratic emotions and social challenges.  When engaged in a trusting relationship with an experienced and warm-hearted professional, a young person can learn to communicate his or her needs and feelings and make effective requests to meet those needs and develop healthy interpersonal relationships and make life choices in alignment with one's unique gifts, talents and traits.